Cheesemaking at home



I like cheese so I learned to make it

... from a Master

In this case it was a two day cheesemaking course run by Graham Redhead.
It's an intensive and exhausting weekend but you come home with 9 different cheeses and so much knowledge.

ch_logo Graham's website lists the courses in various cities, and he has a personal Linkedin account.

Returning customer
I did the 2-day intensive course a few years ago and went on to make some great cheese at home but I know that things will have changed, so when the course is next in Brisbane, I'll sign up.

I was lucky to live near a dairy and I could get very fresh non homogenized milk (it is pasteurised but avoids the protein splitting homogenizing machine). The layer of cream on top reminded me of my childhood and fighting at the breakfast table to get the cream before anyone else.

5 Days of Cheese production

After the course I really enjoyed trying out all the procedures at home where I could slow down and read the instructions carefully.

Once I'd settled on what I wanted to make I'd order 38 litres of fresh milk and then make cheese... over a 5 day period!

· Day 1: Whole Milk Ricotta
· Day 2: Quark, Gourmet Feta, Camembert
· Day 3: Mozzarella
· Day 4: Cheddar
· Day 5: Greek Feta


I also enjoyed making homemade pizza dough, pizza sauce, and now I can make the cheese...
hmmmm wonder if I could farm anchovies?

My kitchen or a cheese factory?

Making Ricotta, Quark & Mozzarella

So quick and easy and tasty too

ricotta2 ricotta

Ricotta rises to the surface and you skim it off.

Quark for Dips & Mozzarella for Pizza

quark mozzarella

Quark hangs in cotton bags to drain and Mozzarella is made into small balls for pizza and other recipes.

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