How do we know this stuff?

By Sharing knowledge

I never assume that everyone knows what I know, and whenever I learn something new I'm happy to provide links here on my pages to assist beginners in our hobby.
I've included Basic Electronics class notes with simple "How To" PDF documents; projects to build storage boxes for emergency radio equipment; specialist antennas designed for a single important task.
There's even a 'how to page' for making energy sustaining Fruit n Nut Bars for those tiring days in the field. ENJOY


Resource Links

A few ideas you may find helpful

Basic Electronics

Part 1 is a basic introduction to simple circuits in a PDF document.
Part 1 - 5 simple circuits

Part 2 a second PDF document with more circuits introducing Transistors and variable Resistors.
Part 2 - 4 more circuits

Part 3 Final in series: Using Capacitators, Regulators & Crystals.
More advanced and requires some testing equipment to check the circuits.
Part 3 - Slightly more advanced circuits

CW Practice Oscillator

Build a Morse Code practice oscillator so you can hear your Morse Keying while you learn.
LINK to Practice Oscillator PDF document

Morse Code Practice Oscillator

Portable Station Cases

Built some sturdy cases to house Amateur Radio equipment & WICEN emergency station requirements. Cheap n Cheerful.
A useful resource for WICEN Radio Operators.
LINK to building WICEN Cases for portable stations

Timber WICEN cases for portable stations

Emergency HF Dipole

Need to send HF messages over short distances?
Check out this quick-to-deploy emergency dipole built with some rods and wire.
Another Cheap n Cheerful amateur project .
LINK to building the ENVIS Dipole antenna

ENVIS dipole feedpoint connection

YAGI for 850MHz

An internet boosting Yagi built for 850MHz. [was called NextG here in Oz]
8 Element yagi can be made from scrap material. Check out the pix of other people's builds too.
A useful resource for building in the bush.
LINK to building a NextG Yagi

850MHz yagi deployed

Digital TV Antenna Info

Just some facts and a project to improve TV reception in rural Australia.
LINK to Digital TV information

TV Antenna for Rural Australia

Fruit n Nut Energy Bar

Make your own delicious meal-replacement Fruit & Nut bars
Another useful resource for WICEN Radio Operators.
LINK to Making energy Fruit n Nut bars

Nom Nom Nom

My Radio Club

Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club
By joining a club you meet others with similar interests and our Bundy Club is a great place to start your journey.
LINK to BARC Home Page



Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network
The emergency side of Radio.
Providing communications to welfare organisations activated during natural disasters, and training to maintain my skills.
LINK to WICEN Bundaberg Home Page


Joining an Amateur Radio Club...

Expanded my knowledge

Joining an Amateur Radio Club was just the beginning.
It's a diverse hobby and people join for a variety of reasons and while some just like to chat, others want to build and understand how it all works.
The electronics involved in transmission, the antennas and making the signal go further... or go precisely where you want it to... turned out to be my rabbit-hole.
My passion lies in training others to get their Amateur Radio Licences and working in emergency communications.
I enjoy being capable of serving the community in times of natural disasters through my WICEN activities.
And all that led me to build this page with some resources which may inspire others.
I hope you found something of interest, please contact me if you have any questions.

Contact Me

Please email me if I can assist with information about my projects (or if you notice a broken link).