How do we know this stuff?

By Sharing knowledge
I never assume that everyone knows what I know, and I'm happy to provide these links that may help beginners, or answer a query you may have.

I've included 3 stages of Basic Electronics with simple "How To" PDF documents which include photos of the components and the finished circuits.
This is entry level electronics to learn at home or in a class situation and by using the cheapest components it is quite affordable.

There is also a link to a Morse Code Practice Oscillator to plug in a Morse Code key and hear realistic tones and is a handy tool for anyone learning Morse Code.
Other projects cover simple cases to store emergency radio equipment, specialized antenna for doing specific jobs, and even how to make an energy sustaining Nut Bar for those days in the field.


Expanded my knowledge

Joining an Amateur Radio Club was just the beginning It's a diverse hobby and people join for a variety of reasons and while some just like to chat, others want to build and understand how it all works.
The electronics involved in transmission, the antennas and making the signal go further... or go precisely where you want it to... turned out to be my rabbit-hole.
My passion lies in training others to get their Amateur Radio Licences and working in emergency communications.
I enjoy being capable of serving the community in times of natural disasters through my WICEN activities.

And all that led me to build this page with some resources which may inspire others.
I hope you found something of interest, please contact me if you have any questions.

Personal Projects

Motorcyles & Roadtrips

My bikes & some trips around Australia

project-5 Motorcycle trips around Australia

Off to New Zealand

Driving both islands in search of beer

project-8 Link to NZ Beer Tour

Time Travelling in Wales

Enjoying Wales & remembering the past

project-7 Link to travel in Wales

Scotland & City of York

Coast and Highlands a travel journal from 2022

kelpies Link to Scotish travels

Then to the USA

Still in search of good craft beeers

project-9 Link to USA travels

Learning to Make Cheese

Yumbo, delicious homemade cheese

project-6 Making Cheese at home

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